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208.335 (CLK200)

208 Coupe/Roadster 1998-2003

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REAR DOOR: Door, Sliding door, Window regulator, Window, Door check, Lining

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Rear door, Sliding door, Door check, Locking mechanism

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Part number Part name Quality Price excl. VAT&freight Delivery time  
210 723 0224 5076 EDGING,DOOR LOCK Original (OE*) € 2,91 1-2 days (in stock) Buy

Part number Part name Quality Price excl. VAT&freight Delivery time  
001 988 7681 CLIP Original (OE*) € 1,91 To be examined Buy
001 988 7681 O CLIP Original (OSP*) € 0,80 1-2 days (in stock) Buy


Group note 73-050

Doors are usually sold without windows, door trims, door mirror, moldings, rubber seals and window lifting.

A Stand explanation: (stands in the product name)

Almost like new. An A1 door is not rusty, warped or dented. It is not repaired. Minor paint scratches are possible.

Common good used condition. An A2 door is not rusty, but can have small surface rust spots that can be sanded off. It is not warped or dented, however, can have small soft bumps on straight flat surfaces. Dents on edges and bends is not possible. Small paint scratches are posssible.

Means with error. It may be larger dents, rust or otherwise.

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*Quality explanation.

(We use the terms from EU commission regulation no. 1400/2002)

OE: Original from Mercedes Benz

OSP (Original Spare Part) Original quality

MQSP (Matching Quality Spare Parts) Alternative quality 

(Used 1. sort) Almost like new
A2: (Used 2. sort) Common good used condition
A3: (Used 3. sort) Parts with one or more defects

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