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902.461 (210D / 212D)

902 Van/Flatbed Sprinter

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PEDALS, CLUTCH HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: Pedals, Master cylinder, Slave cylinder

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Clutch hydraulic system, Mastercylinder, Slavecylinder

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Part number Part name Quality Price excl. VAT&freight Delivery time  
000 290 3212 MASTERCYLINDER Original (OE*) € 103,21 To be examined Buy
000 290 3212 B MASTERCYLINDER Used Grade B € 66,93 1-2 days (in stock) Buy
000 290 3212 O MASTERCYLINDER Original (OSP*) € 79,65 1-2 days (in stock) Buy
000 290 3212 U MASTERCYLINDER Alternative (MQSP*) € 26,77 1-2 days (in stock) Buy

Part number Part name Quality Price excl. VAT&freight Delivery time  
002 295 0607 O SLAVE CYLINDER Original (OSP*) € 79,65 1-2 days (in stock) Buy
002 295 0607 U SLAVE CYLINDER Alternative (MQSP*) € 41,50 1-2 days (in stock) Buy


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*Quality explanation.

(We use the terms from EU commission regulation no. 1400/2002)

OE: Original from Mercedes Benz

OSP (Original Spare Part) Original quality

MQSP (Matching Quality Spare Parts) Alternative quality 

(Used 1. sort) Almost like new
A2: (Used 2. sort) Common good used condition
A3: (Used 3. sort) Parts with one or more defects

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