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ENGINE 111.973 3.GEN 120.000 K

Part number
000 010 5700 075584
Serial number
111973 12 075584
Delivery time
1-2 days (in stock)
Used Grade B
This part is used in normal good condition.
126.000 kg
Price excl. VAT&freight Quantity
€ 1.405,62
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Gørløse Autoimport:
da MOTOR 111.973 W170 SLK230 120K
MBspecialist Deutschland:
de MOTOR 111.973
MBspecialist España:
es MOTOR 111.973 3GEN
MBspecialist France:
fr Voir ce en français
MBspecialist International:
fr Voir ce en français
nl Zie deze in het Nederlands
MBspecialist México:
MBspecialist Nederland:
nl Motor 111973 3.gen, 120.000 km
MBspecialist Norge:
no Motor 111.973 3.GEN 120.000 K
MBspecialist Portugal:
pt MOTOR 111.973 3ª Geração 120.000KM
MBspecialist República Dominicana:
es Ver esto en español
MBspecialist Suomi:
fi Moottori 111.973 3.GEN 120.000 KM
MBspecialist Sverige (Danmark):
sv Se den här på svensk

Engine SLK 230 Kompressor 111.973 120.000 km.
Sounds and run good


This part fits the following Mercedes models


This part fits the following Mercedes models

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