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What is the advantages of MBspecialist webcatalog partship?

A full national partner is:

Google integration

Google Search is feed with all 500-600.000 part numbers from the maintained MBspecialist database as a sitemap, from each of the national MBspecialist sites. The sitemaps links to the spare parts "data card" with image, description, references, Mercedes models the part fits on and so on.

Google AdWords or other search engine campains is paid by the national partner, and is planned and added together with owner.

Google Analytics is available for sophisticated statistics on visitors, page views, shopping flow and much more.


The national pricing is controlled by the national partner, in cooperation with the owner. The price difference between the countries must not be too high, special market situations/customs/taxes/freight and others factors taking in mind.

We set the German OE retail price as index 100. We believe the price is index must not exceed index 120 in EU countries - an index 100 all over EU in the future is the goal.The index can raise 20 or more outside EU, but a higher index would counteract the idea that it is best to shop at your national partner. General pricing is controlled in the administration system, along with VAT, freight and other parameters. It is also possible to regulate price, discount and local stock on the items with a text file, uploaded to the system manual or automatically. The file is typically exported from the partners ERP system.

Selection of parts

All 500-600.000 part numbers from the maintained MBspecialist database is available for sale on the partners national website, giving the customers the widest range.

The partner has the possibility to remove parts and special groups of parts that can not be sold, due to local restrictions.

The partner can also make a request for addition of parts and special products that isn't available in the MBspecialist system database.

MBspecialist partner tasks  

MBspecialist administration interface